Thursday, January 12, 2012

Switching Gears! Nurse to Mom!

We all know how important cleaning the house and keeping things going are in our daily routines. I work 2 nights a week as an RN that are 12 hour shifts. I live 1 hour from work and by the time you include my shift time and travel time, this ends up running into 14-15 hours. Needless to say, when my shifts are over and it is time for me to switch gears and be wife and mom again, it takes me a bit to come back to their world and schedule. A shock on the body is putting it nicely! Up until this year it hasn't  seemed to bother me much. Sister let me tell you, I am feeling it now!!! The balance in working, maintaining a home, being a wife and mother, along with my prayer and devotions. Sound familiar? Just sounds like so much to cram into 1 day. Welcome to my world! Something I have learned that I have to be, is flexible. I started doing daily bible studying back in the fall and realized how important it is for me to work this into my daily schedule. A scripture I stumbled across early in my study Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God. Reunite a right spirit within me." This is something I speak daily and I am constantly asking for.  Before the house gets clean, the heart has to get clean!!!!
Although my 2 night shifts a week do throw a kink into things, I am right back at it on my days that I am at home. My day seems to go better and my relationship with my Heavenly Father grows deeper. He gives me the added strength and endurance for everything else that is pressing in my life. Is it always easy? NO, not always and I love just having the days that I don't do anything. Well let me tell you what the reality of that is, I am needed to help get things done and running smoothly at home. We moms do a lot and it is a thankless job, at times. It's funny that when I am home there is supper on the table, shampoo and conditioner in the shower, along with clean underwear and socks in their drawers! When I work, I don't even want to know what the "coach" offers my girls  for supper? I don't think a Mountain Dew and Chips is included in the food pyramid! ha!
I find myself asking God to clean my heart and reunite a right spirit in me daily!! I am no good as a nurse, or a wife or mother, if I am not where I should be. As wives and mothers, the little things that we do, make all the difference in the world. No one can replace a Momma!!!!

Have a blessed day, Anita

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