Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A life of bliss?

So you think Christianity is a life of bliss?  Peaceful walks in beautiful gardens.  Birds singing and animals prancing around as the light shines ever so beautifully through the fullness of the green trees towering overhead.  Tepid streams of water flowing over perfectly placed rocks and every flower you see is made up of the deepest and most beautiful colors you have ever seen.  Well, news flash!!  Being a child of God is hard work!  He never promises us that once we accept Him into our hearts that life is a cake walk.  Just last night Anita and I had a discussion about the difficulties that we are facing in our lives.  It seems like the closer you become to the Lord, the harder that satan tries to invade your life.  I study my Bible every day and try to hide its words in my heart so that I am prepared for any situation I might face.  I find that I am tested and tempted,  by the minute, sometimes.  People that I come into contact with throughout the day.  Episodes of battle between my children.  And sheer frustration from some things that I have absolutely no control over. 

The Bible teaches us about Jesus being tempted by satan also.  Mark 1:13 tells us that in the wilderness satan tempted Jesus for 40 days.  40 DAYS!!  Immediately following Jesus' baptism performed by John the Baptist he was driven into the wilderness and tempted for 40 days.  And guess what else, God's word tells us that "angels ministered to Him."  So our heavenly father took care of His son during the time of His temptation.  Jesus knows that each of us are tempted and we must deal with this conflict every day.  We can triumph over satan as well, by turning to the scriptures and prayer in times of trouble.  Yes, I know, we can't always prance around with a smile on our face and a spring in our step but, we can trust and obey.  We can view every trial as a lesson that we are being taught and we can learn something from it so that when something like it happens again, we are ready and we don't allow it to overtake us.  I know, believe me I know, how hard this is.  Tonight at church we sang "Til the storm passes by."  I love the message in that song.  We can stand in the hollow of Christs' hand until the storm of life passes by and we greet Him face to face in Heaven.

Blessings to all,

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  1. You are so correct!! I remember us talking about this just a day or two before.