Who are we?

Hello Everyone!!!!

     Welcome to our blog site!!! We are Anita & Latasha!! Two very different women, best friends, nurses, moms and wives on a daily journey of balance in this crazy life!

I ( Anita ) am 41 years old, married to the "coach"  and have 3 dynamic beautiful daughters. I live in rural western Oklahoma and have lived in western Okla. my entire life. I am an RN and work a couple of days a week at a rural hospital. Life balance has always seemed to be something that I have never mastered. I grew up in a very structured loving christian home where faith, family and farming were what we lived by. I have taken those values with me as a wife and mother. I continually strive to do better and be better daily. Balance with being a wife, mother and my daily walk with the Lord has always been a struggle for me. I want to share the journey that I am on and the beauty of Gods lessons and blessings in my life. It is not perfect! It is about me! It is totally real! I have learned to let Jesus take the wheel in my life. I want to share that you are not alone with balance as a woman and being a mom. Life is full of blessings! It is just how you look at it.

Tasha is my best friend, and to be fair, more like a sister to me!  We have been through a lot together. WE have been told by so many people that we have such a special bond. We both will be the first to tell anyone that we know how special our bond is. :) I am very blessed to have her in my life and do not take it for granted!! I call her Tasha! She brings the simple and very fun side of things to us! She is kind, generous, gentle in spirit and a little "naive" at times. hah! Me on the other hand, I like to give my opinion, I am strong willed, rebellious and tend to see the injustice all around! We have blended off one another over the years and have taken on one anothers traits when needed.

And I (Tasha) am 33 years old and married with 2 lovable little boys.  They are plenty ornery and full of energy!  My husband and I both grew up and graduated from the same high school, only I was 5 years younger than him.  We still live and work in our hometown and support our kids in the local school system.  I love to have fun and get a little silly sometimes but, just because I can!  I am learning more and more everyday how important it is to spend the precious time that I have with my kids and husband.  The years are going by fast and I do not want to regret this.  I actually grew up down the street from Anita only, when she was driving by my house in her car I was out riding my bicycle or playing freeze tag with friends in the vacant lot next to my house.  We met and became best friends through the journey called nursing school.  I think we both would have flunked out of human physiology if she hadn't leaned down to my chair after we received the results of our first test and said, "do you want to study together?"  The rest, as they say, is history!

We are very common and both lovable!!! Two crazy women living life and enjoying it more than ever. Even in the struggles! Kind of like Mary and Martha in the Bible!  Hope you enjoy our stories, our lives and our journey of daily blessings seen through the eyes of 2 very common women!!!!

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