Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Katie's Journey!!! Let the Healing Begin!!!!

I have had several crazy days!!!! It seems that Satan is trying very hard to place obstacles in my path to keep me from writing Katie's story and placing it right here on this blog!! Our computer crashed Friday, I felt totally disabled and didn't quite know what to do? We are closing on our house Friday and there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Grrrr!  Well the hubby went and purchased a lap top!!!! YEAH!!!! You can't keep a good woman down!!!! Life is better. :)

Let the Healing Begin!!!!!!

The day had come for Katie to be discharged from the hospital. The team of physicians had met to discuss Katie and her recommended treatment. Her physician told us that because of the lymph node involvement they would be recommending that she do radioactive iodine treatment. We didn't know anything about this and knew that it was time to get to work learning. They wanted Katie to heal from the surgery and wanted her thyroid hormone level to increase before treatment could start. This meant she would be feeling the awful effects as she did prior to surgery, even worse, due to the levels being raised so high. She was very scared. I could tell, just by looking at her. She just kept asking, " how did I get this?" It was never why with Katie. It was always how?I I tried to explained to her that there are so many things in life that we will never know the how or whys too. I did tell her that I felt God presented this to her early in her life for his own reasons and for her best interests. I said, "Your dad and I are so grateful and thankful this was found when it was. I said God is preparing you for something great in your life Katie. He needs to mold you, strenghten you, give you wisdom, and mold your faith. Just surrender honey and let him do what he needs to do. TRUST him and never doubt! He loves you more than you could ever imagine. She said, "Mom I am very lucky, aren't I"   

Trying to keep Katie non-active so she could heal and recover was a bit of a task. She felt pretty good and thought she could still go and do the things she did prior to surgery. HA! she figured out pretty fast that her body was in need of rest. We spent alot of time just taking it easy and watching her sleep. I hadn't really done this since she was a baby/toddler. How peaceful she looked when she was sleeping. I wondered what wonderful things God must have in store for her?

 Katie to this day has had a very difficult time keeping her calcium levels up. Blood draws are very common at our house. When they do a thyroidectomy they try very hard to save the para thyroids. These aide in the absorption of calcium in ones body. They say that eventually these tiny glands will kick in on their own. Katie's are being stubborn and to this day, do not want to kick in. When calcium levels are low, this can effect muscles in the entire body. A persons heart is the biggest muscle. If levels get to low or drop to fast, she could have heart damage. She becomes frustrated and I do feel for her. Taking medication 4-6 times a day is not easy, and for a teenager, its a pain!! . I just keep reminding her that everyone is different and medicine is not excluded from the equation. That is why they call it "practicing medicine!" Nothing is absolute or concrete!

As her parents, we where both healing on a whole different level. /we had such a struggle over the past 2 years and now we finally knew why. The signs where all there, but at the time, you just don't know what or why things are happening. Katie had big problems at school, at home, socially, every area of her life. Alot was said and done. Now the coach and I where having the guilt set in like a ton of bricks!!!  The past was the past and we both knew we could not go back and undue everything we said and did. We could only move forward, with Gods help.  We had sooooo much healing and work to do personally and God is still at work daily to make sure this family is completed healed!!! I am so glad that he cares enough for me and my family that he takes the time to complete his ultimate work through us!!!

I hope everyone went out and voted today. Remember that the Father is in control and he is allowing things to happen for a reason and for his purpose!

Have a Blessed Day!!