Thursday, January 19, 2012

For This Child, I Prayed!!!!

My youngest daughter will be 8 years old next month. Abbigail Coleen was such a surprise to us when we found out I was pregnant. I was done having kids and awaiting a scheduled tubal, when to my surprise, the lab results showed a positive pregnancy test. I was shocked and in dismay for several weeks. A long difficult pregnancy and many prayers going up for the health and well being of this unborn child. We where uncertain and putting every ounce of faith into God's hands. My dad told me many times that this child was meant to be and part of his plan. My brother and sister in law gave me a portrait that I still have hanging in my bedroom. It is of a mother holding her baby in her arms and gazing into this infants face. The quote on the portrait, " For This Child, I Prayed". The precious glow on this woman's face is just breath taking!! My brother wrote a scripture on the back that I remember so often in my life and for my children's lives. Psalm 139: 13-16.

I just never knew the importance of praying for our children before they where born, until I became pregnant with my 3 child. I had many health problems during the pregnancy and it was hit and miss, whether Abbi would be born without problems, or not. Today I understand and know the importance of praying for my children and my family. This is something that I do all day long, as I am made aware of whom and what to pray. I may feel defenseless at times with situations with my kids, and God has shown me to bring it to him and lay it at his feet.

Our family had supper with some friends not to long ago, and Abbi was gearing up to sit right beside "Mr. Jamie." He is a soft spoken cowboy that was literally born 150 years to late! Abbi was getting her plate of food, glass and utensils situated. Mr. Jamie told Abbi that he would get her a taller chair for the table. Without hesitation, Abbi looked right at him, and said, " Mr. Jamie, I am not the kind of girl that says YES to just anybody!" We all roared with laughter! A memory that I will keep in my heart forever!

Last week, as our evening was coming to an end, Miss Abbigail was headed straight for our bed. The usual prayers and kisses started with Abbi asking me, "Momma how do I get Jesus in my heart?" Mind you, we have been talking about this with her for sometime now. My husband feeling like she is to young and me knowing that she is ready and willing. We are to come to him with a child like spirit. She said, " Momma I don't know what to say?" I told her that we would pray together and I would help guide her. Simple, sweet and smiling is all I can say! She did say YES to her Jesus!! I feel so overwhelmed and blessed at the same time. The importance of praying for my children!!!

Have a blessed day, Anita

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  1. Beautiful story and beautiful picture! Love that little girl! You are truly blessed my friend.