Friday, January 13, 2012

The Lord is my "Sugar Daddy!"

I heard a conversation not long ago, and this had me reflecting back on my own life and how far I have truly come. A woman was having a conversation with a group of other women and she was introducing herself to those that did not know her. She talked about her accomplishments, her family life and her children. She said, "Many of you knew my ex-husband. He has recently gone back to college and earned a higher degree." I knew that what her ex-husband was doing with his career, he was making an "insane" amount of money and she let us know it. She went onto say, " We have remarried and I finally got my "sugar daddy!" I was shocked that she would say this, much less, say it to people that she didn't even know. I felt she had verbally stated where her heart truly is and the priorities in her life.

On the way home, I pondered the conversation in my brain. I started to reflect on my own life and the priorities that I hold to be of great importance to me. I will be totally honest here! I use to think a lot like this woman! I use to be exactly where this woman is in her life. I thought that stuff was important and was always looking for ways to gain more STUFF! I wanted the new big beautiful house and everything that goes in it. I really like stuff, wanted more, and  I love the Lord too. I was literally brought to my knees at how God cleared the path to reach down and plucked this type of thinking right out of my head and heart! He showed me that He is to be the #1 on any list and within my heart!!!! I do not want to ever go back to that place in my life where God use to be way down the list of priorities in my life. He knew my heart and mind needed fine tuning. The bible is very clear about this. Matthew 6:24 "No man can serve two master: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and money!" Lets back up a little bit and look at Matthew 6:21 " For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

I want that burning desire daily, to live a life worthy to serve my "Sugar Daddy!" The Lord is my inspiration daily! I will be the first to tell anyone, that I am by no means, perfect in anyway. I stumble daily and get myself back up and dust myself off! The "coach" and I do not make a lot of money. We have what we need and everything else is an added blessing and a gift that the Lord has provided! Just knowing where I was, and now where I am going on this journey, has given me more peace than I could ever dream. Where is your treasure? What is your hearts desire?

Have a blessed day, Anita

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  1. Great post Anita and so true! The best part is that we can start everyday with a new, clean, slate. We serve a forgiving God as long as we ask! Love ya girl!