Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Passing on the family legacy!!

I have been reflecting a lot lately about my life. I think about my sweet parents that have both passed on now. I think about the raising we had and the values presented to us, that my parents lived. It is biblical that we are to leave our children an inheritance. I think many people look at inheritance as STUFF, money, land, anything the dollar can purchase.

My dad was a very soft spoken kind man that did not share his faith, much less talk openly about it. He lived it daily! I never knew how clear this was to me until his battle with cancer. The journey that my dad took me down is still very vivid and precious in my mind. I saw a side of him that I had never seen before and I got to share the experience with him.

We were driving home from chemo one day and he told me, "honey, I feel like I am not going to be leaving you kids with enough." I said, what do you mean dad? He said, " I am not a rich man and I feel like I am not leaving you kids with what I could have." At this point, I wanted to cry!!! I just wanted my dad well and to be with us. I pulled up my big girl pants and thought I would save the crying for later. I told him, " Daddy, your measure on an inheritance to your children is money, land, and stuff.  You are looking at this all wrong! The inheritance that you and mom will pass on is ones more precious than diamonds or pearls. It cannot be bought!! You both showed each of us a life that is to be lived for Jesus! The honor that you showed the Lord, each other and your family. You lived this daily!! This inheritance will be blessed and passed onto your children and grandchildren. Yes, you are a very RICH and blessed man!" He smiled like I had never seen him smile before and you could see the peace surround him.

I miss them both so very much. I think about them often and wonder and hope that I am measuring up. I want to teach my children the things taught to me by both of my parents. I have a duty to pass this legacy and inheritance onto my children. What is your legacy in your family? What will you be passing onto your children?

Have a blessed day, Anita


  1. You are absolutely correct about your fabulous parents, they are some of the best uncle & aunt anyone could have and I feel blessed to have had your dad as my uncle for over 50 yrs in my life. He left a hugh inheritance for us to all filli, just as ur precious Mom did. I miss them both so much.

    1. Your so sweet Pam! The family legacy runs so deep and there is so much to learn from others in the family to pass on. I am learning from you, dear! Love you, Anita