Monday, February 6, 2012

A Father's Love!!!!!

My oldest daughter finally had her ACL surgery on Thursday. I was surprised at how calm and relaxed she appeared. I on the other hand, I found myself on the other side of the fence. Being a nurse, I knew all the risks involved, and needless to say, I was a "nervous wreck!" We said a prayer and the medical team came to wheel her away. The time began to crawl as we waited.

Trusting these individuals with my precious daughter, her life and well being was difficult for me. I sat there and thought about how God would be holding her the entire time. He would be working his mighty hand through the physician and staff. I was in aw and comforted by the thought. I had surrendered her over to the Lord, long ago. Knowing I could never be with my children 24 hours a day, I knew that the Lord could! She was being watched and cared for when the coach and I could not be there for her. I knew this child was in wonderful hands.

When the surgery was over and she was in recovery, she had woke up crying and wanting her dad and I. What sweetness to our ears!!!! She doesn't remember much but her dependency on us and the need to have us very close was apparent to all. God had been with her, when we couldn't be. Now her earthly father was in full gear!!!! :) The coach doted on her every need. I watched as he never left her side and was just waiting for her next need and request.

I snapped this picture of the both of them. It touched my heart to hear her dad say, " honey, I am here. Its okay. Just rest and tell me what you need.  I love your very much." 1 John 4:19 "We love each other, as a result of him loving us first."

This is exactly how our Heavenly Father is! He waits on us, he never leaves us. He waits for us to come to him. He wants to hear our every need and requests. He knows them before we speak them. His love for us is deeper than we could ever imagine. What a comfort knowing that our Heavenly Father is with us through any situtation that we may be facing. We are glad its over and she is home recovering. Let the healing begin!!! :)

Have a blessed day, Anita


  1. So glad all went well for all of you. Praying for rapid healing.

    1. She is doing much better. Home today from school. She over did it yesterday and its snowing here. A good day to be in and view the beauty of the snow.