Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A gift of choices!!!!

My oldest daughter had her first prom this past weekend. I had such a great time helping her get ready for this grand event. After many attempts at hair dos, we finally mastered the perfect hair style! She looked beautiful and reflecting on the years of her life and how fast it has gone, made me alittle sad, yet excited for her! My other two daughters looked at her with such tender fascination! My youngest said, " You look like a princess!" I smiled and later I thought we are all the Lords little princesses! We are priceless to him. Each with a specific plan and purpose, very special to him.

As her date picked her up and pictures where taken, I became very nervous at her leaving for the entire evening. I felt that I hadn't equipped her with enough words. I  wanted her to be safe. I knew it was time to let her go. I just can't imagine what my parents went through when I was growing up. I can't even begin to imagine what God thinks when we reach accountability in our lives. The choices we make and the consequences to those choices. WOW!! I just realized  that I am not even close to what he probably wants for me, but I keep trying.

I love Palms 139!!! I have gone back to this particular passage so many times that I have lost count!! It is so awesome to think that each of us was specifically thought out and our entire lives written out before we were ever born! The Father has given each of us a awesome gift to accept or not to accept! The choice is totally up to each of us. His son Jesus paid the price so the gift is free!! Contact me through email, I would love to discuss further with anyone wanting more information! :)

 Time means nothing to our Father in Heaven. He is on a very different time table than we are. Our lives are but a moment in time to him, yet the mile stones we journey down seem to take forever. Most wanting everything yesterday and not knowing what waiting means. We are not promised tomorrow, yet so many of take our lives for grant. He is patiently waiting on us to come to him. He has not left, he has always been here. He just waits for you to reach out to him!

Have a blessed day everyone,


  1. So wonderful to experience such fun life experiences! You are an awesome mother and your girls and the Coach are blessed to have you!!